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Top 60 Uses For Baking Soda

Baking soda is well-known for being really healthy for our organism and also, for our body. It is often used by women when they are cooking. Not to mention, baking soda is the cheapest ingredient ever. Also, this secret ingredient used by many women, is very healthy for our skin, as well. Here are 10 ways to use baking soda ...

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Natural Way To Shrink Open Pores

A skin with clogged open pores can look really unattractive and old, it is also unhealthy. And if you do not clean them regularly, you will have even serious problems like blackheads, pimples or even acne. Here are some natural ways in order to have a clean, illuminated and good looking, fresh face, using just 100% natural and cheap ingredients, ...

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How To Prepare A Natural Mask For Wrinkles

According to dermatologists , wrinkles begin to make their appearance at the age of 30 years due to a natural process caused by genetic causes . That means that with age, the regenerative capacity of cells was too low and the skin layer thins affecting the skin barrier and moisture problems occur. When the skin is very dry because it ...

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