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How to treat cracked corners of the mouth

Cracks in the corner of the mouth is  something that scares us, considering that many people face this problem at some point in life. This condition is called angular cheilitis (or stomatitis)  and manifests through  cracked corners of the mouth. Sometimes it heals by itself, but it can happen to worsen, causing great pain and difficulty when you open the ...

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Eliminate Blackheads, Under Eye Bags And Large Pores

The widespread opinion that blackheads are like “dirt that accumulates in the pores of the skin” is not correct. As noted above, they are inside the skin. That is why trying to get rid of blackheads by cleaning and intensive washing the face is not only ineffective but may even aggravate the problem because of excessive drying of the skin ...

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Homemade Natural Mask For The Hair

Every woman is probably using it very often in kitchen, but do they know what other qualities is it hiding?Red onion contains vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, mineral salts, substances with antibiotic and diuretics character. Its proprieties are remaining intact if it is consumed raw. Here are also other nutritional information: Fibers: 1.3 grams, calories: 23, proteins: 0.9 ...

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Homemade Anti-constipation Candy

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent and manifests itself seat evacuation difficult or rare sensation of incomplete evacuation after defecation or higher consistency feces . The normal bowel habits vary greatly from person to person: are people who chair three times a day , others only once or twice a week. Sometimes the emission does not ...

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Handmade Mask For Wrinkles And Skin Rejuvenation

Rice is a powerful source of linoleic acid and squalene, one good antioxidant that stimulates collagen production. These are substances that are slowing the aging process and may protect dermis from the harmful effects of the sun exposure. Here are other nutritive information that you may want to know in order to realize the efficiency of the recipes which contain ...

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How To Prepare A Natural Mask For Wrinkles

According to dermatologists , wrinkles begin to make their appearance at the age of 30 years due to a natural process caused by genetic causes . That means that with age, the regenerative capacity of cells was too low and the skin layer thins affecting the skin barrier and moisture problems occur. When the skin is very dry because it ...

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