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Natural remedy that protects your liver

Activated carbon is a very powerful drug, effectively in emergencies and beyond. It is considered one of the best remedies of our days, especially because of its gastrointestinal tract cleaning: rapidly absorb about 60% of poisonous substances. Activated carbon is made from coal treated with oxygen at very high temperatures. One teaspoon of this substance absorbs toxins and helps remove ...

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How to cleanse your liver with raisins and water

The liver performs many functions, from digestion to clean the blood of toxins and impurities, therefore must work very well. From time to time it’s indicated this detoxification treatment with raisins. For this treatment to be effective, you must know how to choose the fruit. We suggest you to but them as dark and as dry as possible. Once you ...

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Liver’s Detoxification With A Handmade Juice

The liver is a very important organ from our organism, and it needs, like about everything in this world. Some good care. Liver is also called ‘ body lab “because there are vital for the body carries mechanisms. He filters the blood, down fats, eliminates toxic substances , synthesize certain proteins and much, much more. In total , it has ...

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