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Dry your nail polish instantly

Home manicure can be a real pain, especially if you have two left hands. Besides that you fail to apply nail polish you realize that you have dirt your fingers also and the drying process is also not easier. Most often, those few minutes you  have to wait for your nails to dry seem an eternity and exactly then you  ...

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How to make a natural cuticle softener at home

They say a woman is known by her neat hands.  Your hands are not just your business card in society, your hands are miracles in the household. But how to keep a  perfect manicure when you need to do all the housework, to wash dishes, floors, etc. And quite many women  don’t use gloves while doing it. Without  protection  your ...

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5 mistakes that you make when you apply nail polish

Manicure seems a very easy thing to do, but there are certain rules which, if are not respected, could compromise the pattern that you have struggled so long to realize it or your nail health. Here are the most common mistakes when it comes to manicure! Do not skip over the protective top coat First, you should know that any ...

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How To Remove Gel Manicure By Yourself

Many women, nowadays, are using the gel manicure because it is the simplest way to always have some gorgeous nails, always ready to shine, always clean and never unattractive. The worst part is that you have to always go to the cosmetics salon in order to keep your nails good looking and to keep them in shape. Today you can ...

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